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Lorne Infection & Immunity Breakfast Workshop

Alpha Technologies for inflammation and biomarkers detection 

Date: Thursday 21st February, 7:15am - 8:15am 
Chair: Nick Jones 
Speaker: Dr Shima Hamidi 
Sponsor: PerkinElmer

Alpha methodology is a No-Wash bead based assay which is utilised in immunological and inflammation research for, (1) Cytokine profiling, biomarker detection assays associated with inflammation, and immune response and repair, (2) Immunogenicity functional assays that enable direct detection and quantification of antibodies in serum samples, (3) Cellular kinase detection that directly measures endogenous levels of phosphorylated cellular proteins in cell and tissue lysates. 
Join PerkinElmer for a Breakfast workshop and learn how this unique no wash homogenous bead-based method will reduce your time to results and make running assays the most stress free part of your day. 

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